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ICPS 2009 aims to be an affordable and worthwhile event for physics students from around the world - an objective we would not be able to achieve without the kind assistance of our sponsors. We would like to thank the below organisations for their support in this endeavor.

Student Assembly of the University of Split
Student Assembly of the University of Zagreb
City of Split
County of Split and Dalmatia
City of Zagreb
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
  Physical Society - Split
Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
Microsoft Croatia
Atrium Hotel

Many people and organisations have helped us organise this conference. Here we list some of them, in alphabetical order:

Željko Antunović   PMF Split
Ante Bilušić   PMF Split
Ivana Carević   PMF Split
Antonije Dulčić   PMF Zagreb
Nikola Godinović   FESB Split
Sandra Požar   HFD / PMF Zagreb
Ivica Puljak   FESB Split
Silvia Tomić   HFD / Institute of Physics
Dejan Vinković   PMF Split
Larisa Zoranić   PMF Split
Paško Županović   PMF Split


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