Welcome to the website of ICPS 2009, XXIV International Conference of Physics Students!

ICPS is an annual conference of the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS), organised in 2009 by Student Section of the Croatian Physical Society. It will take place in Split, Croatia, August 10 - 18.

This year’s ICPS is the 24th in a row, and aims at being the best one you ever had. We would like to welcome you to Split, the most beautiful city on the Dalmatian coast. Boasting its rich cultural and historical heritage as well as sunny beaches, it is our country’s prime tourist destination, throughout the year. As you might already know, Split became an important and famous city 17 centuries ago, during the Roman Empire. From that time there are many archaeological sites, well-preserved buildings and much more. We hope you will have enough time to explore Split thouroughly. Today it is one of Croatia’s liveliest cities, which is why we decided it was the right place for the conference.

This year we are expecting around 500 participants from all over the globe, presenting many cultures but also a wide variety of scientific research ranging from the largest to the smallest scales, from fundamental research to technology and even educational and popular science. We are honoured to present the invited speakers from Croatia and abroad, and hope that you will attend their lectures in great numbers. Also, there will be a round table on the topic of physics education where you can contribute. Our social programme will consist mainly of parties the typical Croatian way. We won’t tell you what that’s like - it’s up to you to experience it. Have fun, present your work and meet many new friends and colleagues!

Feel free to explore this site and do not hesitate to contact us on icps2009@fizika.org with whatever questions you may have.


    Video recordings of all the guest lectures, round table and the opening and closing ceremonies will be available here soon. These were recorded and live streamed during the conference by CroStream.   Here you can download various excerpts from press that reported on ICPS2009.



  The website of ICPS2009 has been updated for the last time (at least before the conference) and we filled it with a lot of useful information, including the Survival Guide, more extensive FAQ, richer interactive Google map, quick (and useful) facts, invited speakers information, and more. Try to check as much of this as you can and see you soon in Split!
  The registration for ICPS2009 is now officially closed. This means that, unfortunately, we will not accept any new registrations and that we will not approve any pending registrations.
  In the last couple of days we have experienced some problems with our official e-mail address, icps2009@hfd.hr (e-mails sent to this address were constantly bounced). These problems are due to our ISP and we expect them to be resolved soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
In the meantime, we have established a new e-mail address where you can send all your questions and comments, until our old address becomes functional again: icps2009@fizika.org.
  ICPS2009 has reached its maximum number of participants. This means that the approval of both currently pending registrations and any other future registrations will be possible only in case one of the accepted participants cancels his / her registration.